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Church Projector Buyers Guide

Choosing the right projector for your Curch.

What brightness level do I require?
What Resolution is right for me?
Is there anything else to look for?
What projectors do you recommend for Church use?

What brightness level do I require?
Brightness with all digital projectors is universally measured in ANSI Lumens. Tradionally the brightness level for church projectors ranges from 2000 to 4000 ANSI Lumens. Your viewing environment will be a major factor in determining how bright your projector must be. In the church environment there tends to be a high level or ambiant light from windows and electrical lighting. If you use a projector with a low brightness level the image may appear faded or washed. If you only require a relatively small screen size (1.5 metres wide) then a brightness level as low as 1800 Lumens may be suitable (2000 Lumens would be optimum).
In rooms where a large screen size is required (2-3 metres wide) 3000 Lumens or more is recommended to ensure the image does not look faint or washed.

What Resolution is right for me? [top]
A Native Resolution is essentially a measurement for the number of pixels being projected. The most common measurements are
SVGA - 800x600
XGA - 1024x768

When using your projector for detailed images/graphs, where small fonts are being used, or when a large screen size is required, we recommend an XGA native resolution. An XGA resolution will project more pixels and therefore a more detailed image than its SVGA alternative. For smaller screen sizes and basic presentations a SVGA projector will be suitable.

Is there anything else to look out for? [top]
Another feature to be aware of is Keystone correction. When a projector is placed at an angle to the screen, the image will appear skewed. Most projectors offer Keystone correction that will correct this however there are limits on the amount of correction. If you have questions regarding keystone please don't hesitate to call us.

Before purchasing, whether from us or a competitor, please feel free to contact us to discuss the projector you are thinking of purchasing. We like to ensure you are getting the projector thats right for your needs. Many AV resellers and even some projector specialists only hold some models and therefore attempt to sell what they have in stock. At Just Projectors we have a massive quantity of stock available, stored in distribution warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. We are therefore never pressured to sell one particular model or 'what we have lying around'.

What projectors do you recommend for church use? [top]

We have included our recommended units in the "Top 5" which you can view by clicking through to the different categories:



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