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Epson EH-TW6600W 3D Projector Review

EH-TW6600W Review
EH-TW6600W Rear


EPSON EH-TW6600 Full High Definition 3D Home Theatre Projector

The TW6100W has dominated the market in 2014 but Epson have really kicked it up a notch with the EH-TW6600W, though some of the awesome features ad a little to the price it is definitely worth it. The major improvement is the addition of lens shift normally seen on projectors $3k and above. Lens shift is an optical adjustment for having the projector off centre whether you have the projector up high down low or off to the side you can adjust it optically without loosing resolution.

The EH-TW6600W has the full HD resolution and has had its brightness increased over the previous model to 2500 lumens allowing the unit to handle a bit more light in the room. The contrast has also received a boost to 70,000:1 providing better shading and colouring and a little more depth in the projected image. The EH-TW6600W also offers a decent zoom of 1.6x making for one of the more flexible projectors on the market.

The TW6600W has kept the very handy WiHD box from the previous model. This allows you to wirelessly transmit up to 5 HDMI video inputs to the projector without cables. Though it requires line of sight from the box to the projector due to the high frequency used, it makes installation quick and easy especially in two storey homes.

The lamp life is still 5,000 hours but replacement costs have been slashed to a mere $119rrp making for one of the more affordable projectors in the long term. The ELPGS03 3D glasses operate via radio frequency signals instead of the older infrared making for a much more reliable and stable connection. You no longer need to maintain constant line of sight and it eliminates the need to re sync glasses if you loose the signal. Additionally some remote controls tended to interfere with the IR glasses so this completely eliminates this issue. As a bonus the new glasses eliminate the need to buy batteries as they are now rechargeable. The EH-TW6600W comes with two pairs in the box.

All in all the EH-TW6600W is a very good update to an already excellent model and we're happy to give it the full five star rating.

EH-TW6600W Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Sept 09.
Epson EH-TW6600W Projector Review
Rating: 5

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