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Epson EMP-1710 / EMP-1715 Review

The EMP-1710 and EMP-1715 are almost identical units. The only difference between them is the extra features of wireless function and PC-Free on the EMP-1715 and the 100 grams of extra weight they bring with them. The EMP-1710 and EMP-1715 are lightweight powerhouses which can pump out an incredible 2700 Lumens brightness which is great for even heavily lit rooms. The XGA resolution gives perfect detail for even large screen sizes

The Wireless lan feature on the EMP-1715 allows you to transfer presentations, photos and moving graphics (from MPEG files) without being restricted by cables.

Mobile presentations are incredibly easy with the Epson EMP-1715. PC-free capability means users can connect a range of USB-enabled devices such as thumb drives. For quick and easy slide-show presentations at weddings, business conferences or training seminars the EMP-1715 can project pictures, MPEG2 files and presentations without the need for a PC.

When you have finished your presentation, simply switch off and pack away. With the instant off button there's no waiting around for the projector to cool down.

We found the picture to be excellent. The color reproduction could not be faulted, though the contrast as with most LCD projectors was a bit low this is a business projector and in a business presentation it is not that noticeable as in a bright room you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a 10,000:1 contrast and a 400:1.

In the category of compatibility the Epson ticks a huge box. Normally in a wireless or wired networkable projector the connection has to be direct (peer to peer) and the software to run the wireless or wired networking is only compatible with Windows. The EMP-1715 is compatible with a fully networked connection, apple mac's as well as windows PC's, and offers easy to use software to set it all up.

The PC-Free function is another winner allowing you to take the presentation on the road without a 2 or 3 kg laptop. To use the projector with powerpoint presentations you do have to format them using the Epson software provided this simplifies the powerpoint a little taking out animations and sounds, but the loss of some squiggles is more than made up for by the 3kg not hanging from your shoulder.

All up they are both wonderful machines, well thought out and the EMP-1710 & EMP-1715 both get 4.5/5 in our book, although the EMP-1710 did not have the extra features the lower price makes up for it.

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