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Acer H7530D Review

Acer H7530D Full High Definition DLP Home Theatre Projector Review

Acer have specialised in projectors for years but only ever taken a tentative step into the home theatre side of things. The H7530D targets the entry level full HD market and with surprising results and will definitely give the 'traditional' home theatre projector manufacturers a run for their money.

They have left out the large zoom lens and lens shift you will see in the higher end Epson home theatre models but if you are flexible with installation position it should save you just under $1k. On entry level models we usually find they are quite loud but the H7530D features a respectable 26db output ensuring a quiet theatre experience. The contrast level is very good at 40,000:1 using the dynamic black setting and though the numbers are impressive on paper even against the higher end Epson TW3500 we find that it doesn't perform quite as well in terms of shadow detail.

The H7530D features 6 segment colour wheel running at 2X speed eliminating the chance of seeing the rainbow effect visible in older model DLP projectors. Most older DLP home theatre projectors on the market operate using a 4 segment colour wheel.

Inputs are decent on the H7530D with such as the 15pin D-Sub, Composite RCA, HDMI, and Component, the rival BenQ W1000 does give you an extra HDMI port at a similar price but lower contrast. None the less it is very easy to connect to your DVD player or other theatre components. Lamp life is decent at 4000hrs on eco mode or 2500 on high brightness mode and it is quite powerfull at 2000 lumens so can be used in eco mode in most cases.

The picture is very good out of the box with no tweaking required. The contrast was a little basic and the unit performed well with both DVD movies and an xbox 360. We found great performance with Bluray movies and with the high brightness it performed well with lighting on as well.

For a budget Full HD projector it is excellent and though it lacks some of the features that the higher end Epsons have in most cases we find lens shift isn't a deal breaker the price is definitely a major strength with this one. The H7530D is definitely aimed to compete with budget units like the BenQ W1000 and does so well picking between the two will be almost impossible with only slight differences.

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