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Optoma HD20 Review

HD20 Full High Definition DLP Home Theatre Projector Review

Following their success in the High def market Optoma have released the HD20 to target the emerging budget Full HD market. this unit is stripped down to fit a price but still boasts a few good features and of course the ever important 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution to make the most of blu ray movies.

We found it lacked the lens shift you will see in the higher end Epson home theatre models. It is a bit louder in operation 32-34db making it fine for a multi purpose room but in a theatre the cooling fans may be a bit too noticeable. The contrast was a little basic by today's standards at 4000:1 which still gives a good result but with the new Acer budget model (H7530) boasting 40,000:1 the HD20 comes up a little short.

The HD20 features 6 segment colour wheel running at 4X speed eliminating the chance of seeing the rainbow effect visible in older model DLP projectors. Most DLP home theatre projectors on the market operate using a 4 segment colour wheel.

Inputs are decent on the HD20 with such as the 15pin D-Sub, Composite RCA, 2x HDMI, and Component, the HD20 is very easy to connect to your dvd player or other theatre products. Additionally Optoma has included a 12v relay so you can connect certain motorised screens to the projector that can automatically lower or raise when the projector is turned on/off.

The image on the HD20 is good with great detail and decent colour strait out of the box. The contrast was a little basic and the unit performed well with both DVD/Bluray movies and an xbox 360.

For a budget Full HD projector is is decent but we've found the BenQ W1000 and Acer H7530 will give you an improvement and at about the same price.

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