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Sanyo PLV-Z800 Review

Sanyo have long had a solid performing home theatre line of projectors and the PLV-Z800 is the newest addition to the line. It offers a Full HD resolution with the Epson D7 LCD panels providing an incredibly sharp picture. Sanyo have kept the 2x zoom lens from the previous model which also features lens shift providing great installation flexibility and of course the near silent operating noise of 21dB.

Connections have always been quite good on Sanyo projectors and they don't disappoint on the Z800 with two component and two HDMI ports plus the traditional S-video, composite and VGA input.

The picture quality is excellent colouring is accurate out of the box. The Z800 works well with DVD's as well giving a good result even with the low res picture. High speed video like sport and games worked well in our test with no image blur as well. All in all a solid performer.

The brightness is pretty standard for a darkened home theatre at 1200 lumens will do a decent job but with major brands like Epson releasing projectors with 1800 to 2000 lumens on high brightness mode Sanyo could have given it a little more punch. Not an issue if you looking to use it in a darkened room but for afternoon sport or in a multipurpose room you may need to go for a more powerful unit.

Contrast is solid at 10,000:1 and does look fantastic on screen but once again most competitors are producing around 40,000:1 now and there are some crazy contrast numbers expected out around Christmas on the new releases so a bit of an improvement here would have been appreciated.

All in all the Sanyo Z800 is a great projector but could have used a little more contrast and brightness. If you're installing it in a darkened home theatre it's still worthwhile.

PLV-Z800 Reviewed by Projector Reviews on Sept 21 .
Sanyo PLV-Z800 Projector Review
Rating: 3.5

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